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Dramaturgical and Community Engagement Experience 

Virginia Stage Company 
Actors Theatre Charlotte
Cleveland Public Theatre
Three Bone Theatre 

My dramaturgical approach is inextricably connected to my approach to social practice and community engagement. Working on projects like Oslo gave me a chance to create meaningful exchange between the community and the show. I made and implemented a multi-tier community engagement effort in partnership with Three Bone Theatre. Established connections between Three Bone Theatre and local faith-based and cultural organizations culminating in a community workshop. This workshop engaged individuals and organizations or artists, community leaders from the Palestinian and Israeli Charlotte community, and local scholars in facilitated dialogue resulting in meaningful discoveries and connections.

As a dramaturg, I have worked in theatre across the country on new work like 4 Veils: an Essay as a part of Cleveland Public Theatre's Entry Point Festival, and boundary-pushing established shows like The Wolves.

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