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Adventures of the Page Turner

Director, Lead Teaching Artist

Cleveland Public Theatre
Cleveland, Ohio

I devised Adventures of the Page Turner was as an Education Associate and Brick City Site Leader at the Cleveland Public Theatre. I Worked with youth ages 5-14 for 4 weeks to create an original one-act focusing on themes of radical self-love, confidence in creative expression, and the transformative nature of communal knowledge. Adventures of the Page Turner was created via the ensemble creation method by the youth of Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority and performed within their community.

LIBRARIAN: Good morning Tyler. You are right on time. You know you are always the first kid here every morning and the last one to leave every night? And although I like you just fine I think you might have more fun in class with some kids. You know kids? Like friends? 

TYLER: Come on we have this conversation everyday.

LIBRARIAN: I know I keep hoping someday you’ll hear me out.

TYLER: That day is not today. Besides the kids here don’t understand me.

LIBRARIAN: That’s cuz you have never let them see you Tyler. Most those kids have never even met the real you.

TYLER: Yeah and it’s better that way. They already pick on me for reading too much.

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