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With Your Name Upon My Lips 

Director & Creator

Virginia Stage Company
Norfolk, Virginia 

Participants encountered the strange and mysterious as they dove into the 1920s. Devised in collaboration with Virginia Stage Company and CORE Theatre Ensemble With Your Name Upon My Lips, invited audiences to explore the twist and turns of the Hermitage Historic Home and Museum as they unraveled the memories of a World War One soldier. Using original letters from the trenches as source material, the line between reality and illusion was blurred in this one-of-a-kind immersive experience. 

Audience members were cordially invited to a homecoming party for Jim, a soldier returning from the Great War. When they arrived at the party (the performance), they were invited into the house at Hermitage Museum & Gardens. Inside, scenes will play out as they move around the rooms, loosely guided by cast and crew, who also are attending the party.

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