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Words of Praise

​There are lots of ways to lead. Kat’s style is driven and very fun at the same time. Actors and artists are drawn to her. Kat believes in the tribe of artists and that radiates from her from the moment you meet her.

In short, she’s a talent you want. A spirit you want. A leader you want. A warrior you want.

- Jason Veasey

Member Actors Equity, original cast A Strange Loop 

Letters of Recomendation 

As a director...

Kat is focused, prepared, and collaborative. She comes to the table with a clear vision for the piece and can communicate that vision clearly to actors and designers. She is a natural leader with the delicate skill of commanding a rehearsal process or design meeting without quashing the energy and ideas that her collaborators bring.

Terry Summers Flint

David Britt

Senior Instructor; University of South Carolina

Her positive attitude and respect for others was present throughout each process. We were fortunate to have the talents and skills that Kat provided to the work we did in the Theatre Department. One of the most outstanding features of her work in the department is the support and encouragement she offered to her other people, faculty, students etc.…. Her leadership skills were earnest, patient and successful in getting the job done and done well.

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