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Mixed Metaphors Productions
Charlotte NC

"Hey honey, are you hungry?" "No, I'm fine, Auntie." "I'll fix a plate for you."


In Charlotte, NC, a family is packing up their Auntie's home. After the neighborhood is renamed, Auntie Millie can no longer afford to live there. When she is lucid, Millie is often going on about losing the old home, "What happens to all those memories in my house? Where do they go?" As they pack up, Millie's old recipe box is found. The family pull out handwritten cards and passed down recipes revealing the history of their home and family, illuminating, challenging, and correcting the public narrative of Charlotte's "progress." Using theatre and installation art, FixaPlate participants move through the memories of the home and the history of Charlotte, culminating with a shared meal and community party.

FixaPlate in an immersive theatrical environment that sets the table for meaningful dialogue and a full belly. Experience a nourishing oral history crafted by our community and told from the gut to correct the narrative of Charlotte's development on the Westside and Eastside and dream of our future. 

FixaPlate is an artistic investigation of the racialized spatial organization of Charlotte and Charlotteans as it relates to the history of housing, gentrification, and access to healthy foods.

Through embodied experience and the co-creation of new oral histories, Charlotteans create poetic demands for their equitable future through a new understanding of the living past. FixaPlate uses theatre, installation art, sound art, and community organizing modalities to create an experience that exists at the intersection of social practice art and placemaking.

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